What is a Patient Satisfaction Survey?

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A Patient Satisfaction Survey is Healthgrades’ way of sharing patients’ opinions about their medical providers. Our patient satisfaction survey asks patients about aspects of their healthcare experience that is closely linked to quality. When evaluating and choosing a doctor, you should consider the survey responses along with the doctor’s level of experience and background.

We display satisfaction survey results on Healthgrades.com in the form of one to five average stars per question. The questions range from the friendliness of the office staff, to the ease of scheduling appointments, to a patient’s level of trust in the doctor. 

Can You Trust the Results?
We take these surveys seriously because they provide information that may make a big impact on your healthcare decision making.  Healthgrades research indicates that patient satisfaction ratings are in the top three of what patients consider when choosing a doctor and that providers also rely on satisfaction scores when making a referral. Healthgrades requires contact information for every survey submitted and continuously monitors data for questionable activity. 

Getting the Most From the Surveys
We compile patient survey responses into one convenient display; but you have to decide what’s most important to you. Keep in mind that patient survey responses are personal opinions. So, one doctor’s survey results may vary widely from patient to patient.

The highest indicator of patient satisfaction is a recommendation to friends and family. Look at recommendations first, and then take a close look at results for the sections of the survey that matter the most to you. Remember that just because a doctor isn’t right for one person doesn’t mean that same doctor might not be right for you.

Let Your Voice Be Heard, Too
If our Patient Satisfaction Survey results helped you to choose a doctor, please also take a moment to provide feedback about your own doctors. You’ll be helping other potential patients make more informed healthcare decisions; www.healthgrades.com/review.

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