Navigating Your Healthcare Journey On the Go

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Your daily schedule is busy enough—getting the kids ready for school, balancing work obligations, shuttling the soccer team to practice, taking care of aging parents—that it can be easy to push managing your healthcare and that of your family to the bottom of your to-do list.

That’s why we’ve redesigned the Healthgrades mobile app to make healthcare planning quick, simple and convenient. Now you can find physicians, book appointments and even organize all of your family’s providers in one, easy-to-reach place. Chances are, you may be reading this blog post on your phone, and your family’s healthcare organization can be at your fingertips too.

Many people have been able to use the app to navigate their healthcare journey’s just like they would at, and some have shared their feedback.

“I needed an ear, nose and throat doctor and only have Medicare and Medicaid. This app found one in a few minutes, within walking distance from my house. I was very surprised since I didn’t expect myself to be successful. I am very satisfied and would recommend this app to anyone wanting to find, get more information on, and save a doctor for needed treatment!”

“I love the info available through this app. It’s important to know whether your doctor is board-appointed and whether there have been sanctions. You can tell which doctors are taking new patients, something very helpful to someone new to an area and looking for a new physician!”

Every physician profile includes key information like office address and phone number for quick reference when you need it. Once you’ve found the right physicians or want to keep track of the physicians you already have, you can build individual Care Teams for each member of your family. No more tracking down physician information from various places on your phone or desk. Now you can find everything you need, for every family member, all in one place.

“I am one of those people who believe that my doctor is a valued member of my medical team. I am also an active member and leader of the team. This app is one tool that assists me in making intelligent and discriminating choices for medical professionals, hospitals, diagnostic imaging and therapists. Healthgrades is primary in giving me a snapshot of the people who I will be entrusting my future and current health issues to. Healthgrades is excellent in giving me the basics in minimal amounts of time. I am very satisfied and appreciative.”

“This is a great app for finding a physician anywhere. The fact that patients rate it and are verified as the patients of the physician makes it useful. It’s user-friendly and has extra features like storing your insurance information, future appointments and your family member’s same information. And it’s free!”

Before you head out the door, click “Get Directions” on your physician’s profile in the app to launch navigation from your phone. For quicker check-in at your physician’s office, store a copy of your insurance card in the app to have it readily at hand. After your appointment, open the app to rate and review your physician, and conveniently set up your next appointments with physicians who allow online appointment scheduling.

“This is an excellent resource, particularly if you’re searching for a treatment provider. The reviews, though subjective, definitely provide an idea of a provider’s presentation, bedside manner, personality and even perceived competence. The more reviews there are, the better you can form an impression.”

We’ve built every feature in this redesign with your priorities and convenience in mind. Now it’s never been easier to find physicians, make appointments and organize health information—at home or on the go. With just a few clicks, the Healthgrades mobile app makes planning your family’s healthcare a snap. Download the app today.    

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