Innovating from the Inside Out

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Innovation isn’t just a goal at Healthgrades, it’s a mindset. At Healthgrades, we strive to lead the pack in developing and creating new innovative healthcare technology. And sometimes, the best innovations come from within.  

In order to harness all of the creative energy amongst our employees, we recently launched a new hack-a-thon series, HG Create. This is the first of a series of hack-a-thons that invites all Healthgrades employees to find or create easier ways for customers and clients to use Healthgrades’ products, or improve overall process and culture within our company. 

During HG Create, teams from across Healthgrades ideated and pitched products or solutions that would improve the customer and client experience. Winners were chosen from the first round of the hack-a-thon and given a week to turn their ideas into a reality. Teams then went on to present live demonstrations of the built-out products to all of Healthgrades employees. These products included:

  • —A healthcare bill decoder
  • —An updated sign-in tab for that clearly labels where consumers versus providers login, and redesigning the provider login portal to allow for accessibility and branding
  • —Modernizing Healthgrades’ Contact Us page to help customers and clients navigate and use all Healthgrades products to enhance customer service
  • —New Healthgrades digitally-interactive video spot ads
  • —Upgrades to the content management system for creating hospital websites
  • —Improved Healthgrades API to allow for greater access and quantity of data
  • —Adding a heatmap to the Healthgrades CRM Target Audience Editor

Many of these products have already been or are very close to launch for Healthgrades’ customers and clients to use.  
Projects like these will continue to blossom as innovative ideas and minds are cultivated at Healthgrades. We will be hosting our next hackathon in January 2020. In the meantime, keep an eye on as we continue to announce our latest innovations and product updates.

Watch our in-depth report on HG Create that highlights some of the incredible ideas that emerged from the event:

Innovating from the Inside Out: HG Create

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