How to Use the New Top Care Areas Feature on to Choose a Provider

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Written by Andrea Pearson, chief marketing officer, Healthgrades and Ryan Caddell, product manager, Healthgrades

Based on Healthgrades research, 90% of consumers say that the experience a physician has in performing a certain procedure or treating a specific condition is one of the most important criteria they use to assess a provider and subsequently, having access to this information is very valuable in their decision-making process.

To allow consumers to leverage information about the experience a provider has in treating certain conditions or performing a specific procedure, Healthgrades recently enhanced its website to include Top Care Areas. This new feature helps you determine if the provider you are researching is a match based on how frequently they perform a procedure or treat a condition, offering insight initially about whether the provider you are researching has experience with your specific heath need.

Healthgrades developed Top Care Areas by assessing* the number of times a provider performs a procedure or treats a condition and then offers a comparison to other providers nationally who perform the same procedure or treat the same condition.

Consumers have many choices as they navigate their options for care, and using data like this can help to assess whether a provider has experience specific to your health journey. Ultimately, this new functionality will help you and your provider forge a more meaningful connection initially, setting you on the road to good health.

*Healthgrades uses public data from billing claims filed nationwide on behalf of a provider to either government or private health insurance to power the new Top Care Areas feature. 

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