How Consumers Can Use the National Health Index to Navigate their Care Journey with Confidence

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This week, Healthgrades released its inaugural National Health Index, an analysis of cities leading the way in American health and healthcare. Minneapolis, Denver, Sacramento, Cincinnati, and Portland top this year’s list. Residents of these cities reported higher rates of healthy activity, had high access to healthcare, physicians, and quality hospitals, and engaged less frequently in risky health behavior. 

Here are four ways consumers can use the National Health Index to navigate their care journey with confidence:

If your city’s population isn’t healthy overall
Invest time to research how to achieve a healthy lifestyle and leverage the expertise of real patients navigating local healthcare, choosing a provider or hospital, and taking proactive steps to find their best possible care.

If your access to physicians is low
Research your local market to determine the best choices for care and seek recommendations from family and friends to make a meaningful connection with your provider. 

If you are high engagers in risky health behavior
Learn more about how your health habits can be improved and connect with your local community for support. 

If you don’t have access to high quality hospitals
Hospitals within close proximity from each other can have significant differences in complication and mortality rates for the same condition or procedure. Learn more about hospital quality in your area and arm yourselves with trusted information before you make a decision about where to receive care. 

The Healthgrades National Health Index can help to educate and empower health consumers as they make care choices in their market. The Index offers a local level snapshot to inform consumers about key health factors in their community, and illuminates cities across the country that are getting healthcare right. 

See how your city fared on the Healthgrades National Health Index.  

Was this helpful?
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