Healthgrades Releases Patient Safety Excellence and Outstanding Patient Experience Awards

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There is tremendous variation in hospital quality across the country, so consumers should do their homework to find the right hospitals.

To help consumers find the best hospitals for their needs, Healthgrades released the 2019 Patient Safety Excellence and Outstanding Patient Experience Awards. With the information in these quality ratings, consumers can identify high quality hospitals in their area.

Healthgrades 2019 Patient Safety Excellence Award™

Patient safety is an issue of utmost importance when you’re in the hospital. Healthgrades evaluated how well a hospital prevents injuries, infections and other conditions based on 14 serious, potentially preventable adverse events. The result: Healthgrades 2019 Patient Safety Excellence Award names the top 10 percent of all short-term acute care hospitals in the nation reporting patient safety data for the Medicare population. On average, 127,667 patient safety events could have been avoided if all hospitals performed similarly to award recipients on each of the 14 patient safety indicators evaluated by Healthgrades.[1]*

Patients can access a list of all recipient hospitals online and see which ones are in their states. The name of each recipient hospital is linked to an online profile from, where consumers can see other Healthgrades quality achievements by the hospital, along with its location, contact information and more. In fact, Healthgrades has a profile page for every hospital in the United States where you can check hospital quality, find the top specialties treated at the hospital and get additional information. 

Healthgrades 2019 Outstanding Patient Experience Award™

The Healthgrades 2019 Outstanding Patient Experience Award named the top 15 percent of hospitals in the nation for patient experience. Healthgrades evaluates patient experience performance by applying a scoring methodology to nine patient experience measures, using data collected from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ 32-question survey of the hospital’s own patients. 

The list of hospital recipients is categorized by state. Like with the Patient Safety Excellence Award, each hospital name is linked to an online profile from where consumers can see more information.

Use other Healthgrades Quality ratings to learn even more about the best hospitals in your area.

At the Healthgrades Hospital Quality site, you can find more information about the best hospitals, including the America’s Best Hospitals Awards. You can also search for any U.S. hospital on and see its Healthgrades Quality achievements.

You have choices when it comes to your hospital, so equip yourself with the knowledge to make the right decision for yourself and your loved ones.

[1] Statistics are calculated from Healthgrades Patient Safety Ratings and Excellence Award methodology which is based primarily on AHRQ technical specifications (Version 5e and 2018) to MedPAR data for years 2015 through 2017 and represent 3-year estimates for Medicare patients only.


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