Healthgrades Hosts Tweet Chat About the Revolution in Healthcare Consumerism

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Healthgrades recently kicked off a new “Innovative Perspectives” tweet chat series, designed to facilitate a discussion online with healthcare consumers, hospitals and health systems- to share their unique perspectives on industy trends.

The first tweet chat centered around the topic of the revolution in healthcare consumerism, and participants talked about how consumers were changing the healthcare landscape by increasingly taking control of their own health. Healthgrades Chief Executive Officer Scott Booker and Andrea Pearson, Chief Marketing Officer at Healthgrades led the conversation and shared insights about how consumerism is evolving the way providers and patients connect.

The timely discussion spotlighted some very interesting trends in healthcare; that there is a push for transparency, that consumers want online and mobile accessibility to help manage their health needs and that there is an expectation that hospitals and health systems move quickly to surpass consumer demands. 

One of the most popular tweets from the discussion focused on this very topic. Pearson tweeted that “Consumers should be at the center - they don't care about our hurdles. We have to move at the speed of their demand.”

As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, it was an important reminder that it remains critical to move at the speed of consumer demands, which will help to cultivate stronger relationships between providers and patients and drive better health outcomes.

Healthgrades was pleased to have hosted such a lively and thought provoking discussion about keeping healthcare consumers at the center of the care jouney.

In case you missed it, the full transcript of the “Revolution in Healthcare Consumerism” tweet chat can be found online.

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