Healthgrades and the Denver Tech Sector Are Attracting Talent from Silicon Valley

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Bryan Cooper’s job search didn’t gain momentum on a social media site or at a happy hour, but on a chairlift. Colorado had been on his short list of places he wanted to live, and while heading up a mountain on one of his occasional ski trips to the state, a buddy told him about openings at Healthgrades, the leading online resource for information about physicians and hospitals.

The storybook reference led him from the Bay Area to Denver, where Cooper is an Application Product Manager working on a brand new platform for hospitals and health systems. “Every time I said I had a job offer in Denver, everyone around said I’d love it here. And the city is definitely delivering,” he said.

Back in California, Cooper worked in product management at a payments company. He liked the company and the work, but the Bay Area didn’t feel like a long-term home, so he made the move to Denver six months ago. “The cost of living is more manageable here, and the business culture is a little more laid back,” said Cooper. “Plus, you don’t have to be in Silicon Valley to find a great tech hub." 

Tech hubs have a special culture, and it's old news that Denver has one of the best in the country. Plus, Cooper is passionate about the Healthgrades mission and enjoys his role. “Product management is the perfect blend of what I’m interested in,” he said. “I understand how design, business and technology interact, so I’m basically the translator between those teams. This way, I don’t have to pick just one area of the business, because I couldn’t.”

Denver is also a blend, attracting people in search of careers, fun and adventure. While the city is known as a tech hub, the foundation of Colorado’s reputation is mountain landscapes, sunshine and active wear, so Cooper knew his craving for the outdoors would be satisfied. Besides skiing, he runs marathons, plays team sports and hikes.

Even more, when he finally slows down, Cooper enjoys one of America’s best brewery communities in Denver. And he’s pleasantly surprised by the music scene here, saying the concert schedule is on par with the Bay Area.

“It’s a big city, but it’s a small city feel,” he said. “I’ve got to be close to the wilderness. Denver offers a perfect balance of city life and the outdoors.” Whether working or playing, Cooper can chase his ambitions within the comfort of his new home state. 

Healthgrades has teamed with other tech companies in the Denver Area for the “Pivot to Colorado” campaign, which aims to attract talent from Silicon Valley to the burgeoning Denver tech sector.

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