Four Ways Data is Disrupting the Healthcare Industry

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Recently, Healthgrades participated in a panel called “Digital Disruption: Healthcare & Data,” hosted by General Assembly in Denver. The panel, which included Dispatch Health, CirrusMD and Burst IQ, offered insight on how each company uses data to transform how care is delivered.

Organizing and analyzing data in innovative ways can give providers more insight about their patients, leading to better care. And consumers can use data to learn about providers and make more informed decisions on where to receive care. The more providers and patients know about each other, the more meaningful their connections will be.

Below are four ways companies from the panel are using data to disrupt healthcare.

Anticipating care

Later this month, Healthgrades will release an enhanced CRM platform for health systems. It will be powered by real-time consumer behavior insights from and our repository of de-identified consumer health data. At the panel, Healthgrades SVP of Marketing and Strategy Burt Kann shared how data insights can help physicians and hospitals better anticipate the needs of their patient populations and map consumer health journeys more effectively.

Delivering care outside the doctor’s office

Another company driving data disruption is DispatchHealth. Consumers can visit with mobile medical teams in their homes or workplaces to receive urgent care, instead of visiting the ER, which costs nearly $2,000 on average[1]. According to panelist Dan Edstrom, Vice President of Business Intelligence & Analytics at DispatchHealth, data has the potential to identify social determinants of healthcare. His company is exploring that potential, because their mobile medical teams could help offset some of the struggles people face when they don’t have the care options they need.

Navigating complexity

One of the biggest challenges in healthcare is the complex industry regulations. Panelist Kellery Lohman, Vice President of Marketing & Communications at Cirrus MD, shared her optimism about the direction of healthcare, despite its immense complexity. Her company uses data in an online platform that guides patients to the most appropriate resources for their needs, thereby simplifying the care journey.

Securing personal health information

Security is an important topic for data in healthcare. Panelist Amber Hartley, Chief Corporate Development Officer at BurstIQ, explained the serious risks that come with handling data. To give companies peace of mind and protect patients, BurstIQ developed the first enterprise-level blockchain platform for health data. This innovation allows companies to exchange data securely.


As the industry evolves, it is imperative that organizations leverage data and technology solutions to innovate and disrupt how care is delivered. Through successful disruption of traditional models of care delivery,  health care technology companies have enormous potential to improve lives.

[1]Cost of ER visits increased 31% between 2012-16; 5 findings” by Becker’s Hospital Review

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