Empowering Women to Own their Health Journeys

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According to a recent study by USA Today, while most deliveries in the U.S. happen without incident, more than 50,000 women are severely injured and about 700 women die during childbirth annually. The report found that "the best estimates" suggest half of such severe injuries could be mitigated or eliminated, and half of such deaths could be prevented, "with better care." However, the report also stated that it is nearly impossible to identify every hospital that may be underperforming on maternal care.

As highly-engaged consumers, women can take control of their healthcare journeys by understanding all options that are available. Empowering women with information can allow them to differentiate providers and health systems and select those that demonstrate excellence in women’s care services.

To provide women with the information they need to make confident care decisions, Healthgrades released the 2018 Women’s Care Awards. The 2018 Gynecologic Surgery Excellence Award™, the 2018 Labor and Delivery Excellence Award™ and the 2018 Obstetrics and Gynecology Excellence Award™ recognize exceptional hospitals across the country that have demonstrated superior outcomes in women’s healthcare services. 

Healthgrades also published a related whitepaper that discusses three key factors that affect a woman’s care journey, including how she makes decisions about care, how hospitals can inform and empower her in her care journey and how health systems can achieve the best outcomes and optimal patient experience.

Since the woman’s care journey encompasses many years and consequential experiences, it’s critical that patients feel empowered to make decisions and know the facts before making a physician and hospital selection. By researching hospital quality on Healthgrades.com, patients can review important outcomes data and access transparent information to guide their care decisions.

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